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141 notes · original · via · team finland · I'VE PROBABLY REBLOGGED THIS BEFORE BUT I DONT CARE IM HAVING SOME INTENSE TEAM FINLAND FEELS · IT STARTED OUT AS CRYING ABOUT SAKU · NOW IM CRYING ABOUT OUR OLYMPIC TEAM AND WORLD CHAMPIONS 2K11 AND THIS YEARS' TOO AND I JUST · I LOVE MY TEAM · i saw a video on this finnish news site saying that finland has become a small hockey country or st · and all i could think was WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON ABOUT MAN? · we got olympic bronze and silver from the world champions · we've gotten medals from like the last 3 olympics · multiple medals from the world champions during the last decade · multiple first round nhl picks · like obviously we're no canada bUT THAT'S BECAUSE OUR POPULATION IS PRETTY SMALL COMPARED TO CANADA · i love being the underdog and all that bUT SOMETIMES I JUST GET SO ANGRY when people act like finland is bad at hockey or that our wins are always a surprise · like pls do u pay any attention to anything at all · most of all i hate how fINNISH PEOPLE keep putting finnish hockey down constantly · not talking about players bc obviously they know better than i do so YES im gonna listen to them · but like normal finns · always on about how much our teams suck but when we win they're soooooo proud and when we win they've been here from the beginning and believed in them at all times · like i know i can be mean to my teams sometimes but i never lose hope in them BEFORE the games have even been played dude · that makes no fucking sense · i need to shut up · it's like 2am and im emotional · if someone reads these; im sorry its 2am and im being dumb and emotional and have no idea what im on about · now good bye gonna go cry on the floor · because i miss hockey · checked the clock and it's actually almost 3am · even better

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hi i'm essi from finland and i like hockey players a lot. especially finnish ones. this is a side blog!! if you want to know more about me as a person, u can find a link to my main blog from the links. my two fave teams in the NHL are hawks and wild, but i also support sabres, panthers, leafs, flames and stars. also all the finns in the league have my support and i think it's safe to say i've soft spot for most of the league. mikko koivu is my favourite person ever and i have a major case of hockey!stockholm syndrome.

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